Investment Valuation Program

Every asset, financial as well as real, has a value. The key in successfully investing in and managing these assets lies in understanding not only what the value is, but the sources of the value. Any asset can be valued, but some assets are easier to value than others, and the details of valuation will vary from case to case. Thus, a valuation of real estate property will require different information and follow a different format from the valuation of a publicly traded stock. What is surprising, however, is not the difference in techniques across assets, but the degree of similarity in basic more


Mian is also the first recipient of the prestigious Marc Adler Prize, a new school-wide award instituted at Goizueta to recognize excellence in teaching across all programs. Mian was recently named as an outstanding faculty in Business Week Guide To The Best Business Schools, Seventh Edition.

Mian has worked as a consultant and executive educator to leading global organizations, such as United Nations, Boeing, Chemical Bank, ICI, Eastman Chemical, Southern Company, and Coca Cola. Mian is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and has worked with money management firms
in addressing global asset allocation issues.

Goizueta Business School, at which Mian is a full-time faculty member, provides one of the top ranked MBA programs internationally. The executive MBA program at Goizueta is ranked #10 by U.S. News and World Report, and ranked # 12 among all Executive MBA programs worldwide by Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

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