Performance Measurement & Attribution

Portfolio performance measurement answers the three basic questions central to the relationship between asset managers and the owners of capital:

1)What is the return on their assets?
2)Why has the portfolio performed that way?
3)How can we improve performance?

Portfolio performance measurement is the quality control of the investment decision process providing the necessary information to enable asset managers, clients and other stakeholders to assess exactly how the money has been invested and the results of the process.
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Performance measurement is a key function in an asset management firm, it deserves better than to be grouped with the back office. Performance measurers provide real added value, with feedback into the investment decision process and analysis of structural issues. Since their role is to understand in full, make transparent and communicate the sources of risk and return within portfolios they are often the only independent source equipped to understand the performance of all portfolios and strategies operating within the asset management firm.

Performance measurers are in effect alternative risk controllers able to protect the firm from rogue managers and the unfortunate impact of failing to meet client expectations.

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Carl holmittee, and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Performance Measurement.

Carl is also the author of “Practical Portfolio Performance Measurement & Attribution” part of the Wiley Finance Series, and editor of “Advanced Portfolio Attribution Analysis”

Carl has a B.Sc. Hons. in Mathematics from Manchester University and is an executive committee member of  A founder member of both the Investment Performance Council and GIPS®, Carl is a member of the GIPS Executive Committee, chair of the Verification/Practitioner Sub-Com.

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