Strategic Decision Analysis Program

Decisions are like a fundamental particle of management. Look carefully inside every managerial situation – financial investment, pricing policy, operations strategy, research priorities,  technology acquisition, negotiation and so forth – and you find decisions.

Decisions are central to every functional and executive role: no matter what else one is going to do, one must make decisions, and one must make them well! The dilemma is that our natural, instinctive decision making capabilities are well-suited for some types of decisions – yet disastrous for others.  Today’s decision making environment introduces risk, uncertainty, complexity, conflicting objectives, and  other complications. Further, we must interact with the decisions of others – our rivals, customers, suppliers, and partners – which often lead to complex games of bidding, negotiation, competition and more


Noonan's teaching portfolio includes decision analysis, game theory, the economics of negotiation and bidding, and data analysis. His academic research has centered on improving strategic planning & executive decision processes, as well as the use of information technologies and decision support tools in the media & entertainment industries. His work has been published in the Journal of Marketing, Planning Review, and Enterprise, as well as in the book "Learning from the Future" and two forthcoming books on decision & information analysis.

Noonan has experience as a management consultant spanning 25 years, starting in the New York office of McKinsey & Company. His clients have included such diverse firms as Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Bertelsmann, Viacom, NewsCorp, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merrill Lynch, Sea-Land, The New York Daily News, Greenpeace, and Johns Hopkins University.

Goizueta Business School, at which Noonan is a full-time faculty member, provides one of the top ranked MBA programs internationally. The executive MBA program at Goizueta is ranked #6 among all Executive MBA programs worldwide by business Week, and ranked #10 nationally by U.S.News, and World Report.   

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